When it comes to the cost of travelling to Mexico it is greatly dependent upon the type of experience that you wish to have. If you have no problem bunking in the hostel dorms and travelling by the buses that your average expense per day would be about 600 to 800 Pesos. But if you are seeking a high-end trip then this cost would escalate to 1800 to 3000 pesos per day.

It is very convenient to have a debit or credit card through which you can get cash easily from any of ATMS spread across the country. It is extremely beneficial if you are able to speak Spanish but it’s not absolutely necessary. The company has a very good transportation system that provides you with a lot of option to move around. If you are planning to have budgeted trip then a bus trip of about 250km costs 200 pesos, while the average fare for taxi is about 25 to 50 pesos per kilometer.

As a traveler you can also enjoy certain activities in the country at a budget price of 700 to 1300 pesos. A personalized one day tour of the city costs about 1000 pesos. A good dinner with a selection of drinks costs about 250 to 300 pesos, while a fixed price lunch costs about 50 to 70 pesos that is a very good alternative to the expensive restaurants if you are looking to conserve your money. Tips wise it’s not a custom to tip the taxi drivers, but restaurants, porters and attendants would be happy with a small tip of 25 to 30 pesos.