It also possesses pristine beaches with crystalline, blue waters and fine sand which draw flocks of tourists from all over. Spain’s climate varies for each region and the appeal to travel this beautiful country is mainly based upon the current season. August is actually the peak tourist month in Spain but depending on where in the country you would like to visit, the different region differs in climates.

Southern Spain boasts of a Mediterranean climate and is gifted with some of the finest beaches in the land. It is conducive to travel here during the tropical hot summer especially in the captivating cities of Seville and Cordoba. Summer sizzles in this region during the peak months of July and August.

Spain has cooler weather in the northern part with summer temperature of about 70 degrees along the Atlantic Coast in places like San Sebastian and La Coruna. The best time to travel in this region is before the month of October if you want to visit the Pyrenees Mountains and to avoid snowfall and frigid trail conditions.

Spring is the best time to travel in central Spain for the pleasant weather at Cuenca and Toledo. During the Holy Week, travelers can immerse themselves in Seville’s intricate and elaborate Semana Santa celebration with its masked procession and massive, decorative floats. Cadiz, a nearby coastal town boasts of the grandest Carnaval holidays in the world during winter.