The prices also vary and it is hard to know where you can find good food and still not pay too much for it. We provide you here a list with some of the restaurants that are not too pricey, but serve great food and generous portions.

Regency Cafe is a small restaurant in Westminster area where you can have  a plentiful breakfast and not pay a small fortune for it. This restaurant is open from 1946 and is a true classic when it comes to London. For example, you can get omeletes, salads, steak-pies, lasagna, ham and eggs, pretty much every kind of breakfast you can come up with. A meal here will cost you about 16GBP and it is a good proportion of spent and obtained.

Koshari Street is a fast food restaurant where they serve delicacies from the Egyptian cuisine. It is one of the cheapest places to eat in London. Many changes once in a while and food is very tasty, no matter what you order. It is also a take-out and resembles much a school canteen with different sauces and side dishes you  can choose with your main dish. Meal for two people, including drinks, will cost you here around 17GBP.

Canton is located in Chinatown in London, and it is, not surprising, a Chinese restaurant. They mostly serve noodles and different rice dishes with various toppings and all that comes in generous portions that wil satisfy your cravings for food. It is a cozy little place that reflects traditional Chinese way of serving food and the staff is very friendly. You can have a meal here for about 6GBP-GBP, which is more than cheap for restaurants in London.

Te Amo is a restaurant located in Kentish Town, a very cheap place, but the food is excellent. Don’t let the name fool you, it is not a Spanish restaurant, but Lebanese. If you are a meat lover, this is the right place for you because they serve meat and fish. Their kebabs come in large sizes and you will for sure have a proper meal here. Two portions with drinks will cost you about 20GBP, but it is worth every penny.

Sakonis is a great place for those who like Indian cuisine. They serve delicious traditional dishes, colorful and diverse. This restaurant is located in Alperton, has a very spacious dinning room and the atmosphere is relaxing, followed by Indian music. Great thing about this place is that they also serve vegetarian dishes and another, even better, thing is that you can order dishes from the menu or just take the all-you-can-eat option, you choose. Meal for two here will cost you between 12GBP and 25GBP.

Delicious food, generous portions and within your budget, these restaurant are a great reccommendation for anyone who is searching for dining places in London.