Lake Louise, Canada

All the accommodations at Lake Louise retain the rustic and raw sense of wilderness. Lake Louise has a place to cater to the need of all that come to visit its doors. From exotic Motels and comforting lodges to private cabins, Lake Louise has the ability to cater to the needs of the all the visitors.

Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel

Nestled amongst the Canadian Rocky Ridges, Banff Spring hotel is a perfect place to enjoy amazing scenery, food and activities. The hotel also possesses a Spa, Golf course and other several amenities that are guaranteed to fulfil all your needs.

Banff Park Lodge

Located at Downtown Banff. Banff Park Lodge is an amazing facility with 211 spacious and rustic rooms. Nearly all the rooms overlook amazing mountain scenery that is guaranteed to take your breath away and regale you with a plethora of sights and smells that would leave you reeling with pleasure. The resort contains private Spa rooms, Golf Course, amazing restaurants for fine dining and health Club.

Rundle Manor

If you are looking for a charming, comfortable and rustic location at a great price then Rundle Manor is just the right place for you. The rooms are available at amazing rates with common meeting areas, bars and restaurants. You can also enjoy seeing the old town like vibes at this hotel.

In addition to these hotels you can also find several inns, cabins and condos spread across the Lake Louise and Banff Park. All different options of accommodations provide a chance for all types of tourists to enjoy this amazing location according to their own desires.