Lake Louise, Canada

Each area has its own quirks, therefore you should be wary about the experience that you wish to have and the time of year you travel to Banff Park or Lake Louise. Below we share some of the tips that would help you make your trip comfortable and hassle-free.

When to Travel

Lake Louise and Banff Park is a year-round travel destination that has something to offer in every season. The best time to travel would depend on what you wish to experience at this amazing destination.

If you are looking to enjoy the Wildlife and natural beauty of the area then June to August is the best window of time for you. The area experiences its warmest weather in the area and the surrounding natural habitats is in full swing. This season is also the busiest and it can become extremely tricky to get flights or rooms in the hotels. Banff Summer Festival is also held during this period. Banff Park and Lake Louise are packed to the rafters in this season.

The heaviest snowfalls occur in the period December to March. It is also considered to be the peak time for the ski enthusiasts. This is also the most expensive period to travel to the region because the hotel prices skyrocket. The transportation modes and activities also experience a huge hike in the prices. This is also very busy season so it’s important to book your hotel and tours in advance. You can also enjoy winter festival in this time frame.


The winters tend to be very cold in the Banff Park, therefore you should choose a layered option of clothing. You can always remove a layer if the weather gets warmer. In the summer the area also experiences rainfalls, therefore, waterproof bags, jackets, gloves and shoes should be packed to make your trip successful.