Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise is located in the west of Calgary and is 56 KM away from the Banff Town. There are several different ways through which you can reach Lake Louise and get around the Banff park region. The area has very unpredictable weather, therefore, visitors have a lot of different transportation choices for their convenience.


Calgary International Airport serves as the main entrance point for Banff Park and Lake Louise. Lake Louise is located at a 2-hour drive from the airport. You can rent a taxi from the airport or choose one of the many shuttles that make regular trips to the Banff Park and Lake Louise.

Some of the notable travel companies operating in the area include Brewster Airporter, Mountain Connector and Banff Airporter who can help you in booking a trip to your desired locations across Banff Park and Lake Louise. These Travel agencies also provide complete travel packages that contain accommodation, tours, and activities. These packages tend to be a bit expensive but help you avoid the hassles of planning a trip.

Getting Around

Taxis, private cars, dog sleds, horse-drawn carriages, buses, and bikes the area has all the modes of transportation that you can think of. The Town of Banff contains a local car tour guided by GPS system, where you can drive yourself and enjoy getting familiar with the area.

To explore Lake Louise, you can use horse-drawn carriages, Bikes or Dog sleds. You can also purchase a guided tour along with shores of Lake Louise in a car or Bike. In order to get to the Ski locations in the winter, you can use the complimentary shuttle service offered by different hotels in the area.

The best way to reach Lake Louise is to travel on Highway 1 or 1A in a car to enjoy the wildlife and exotic scenic locations spread across the area.