Lake Louise, Canada

Banff Park and Lake Louise have a ton of places that offer the unique culinary tastes. Banff attracts visitors and celebrity chefs from all around the world, therefore different dishes served at Lake Banff have their own interpretation and charm. The cuisines of the area also retain a sense of rustic charm and wildness. Even the simplest dishes pack a lot of flavors, freshness and mouthwatering fragrances in them.

Maple Leaf Lounge

A fine dining establishment that is famous for its Wild Maple Salmon. The restaurant has an inn like interior with warm lighting that lends it a look of rustic charm and coziness. The restaurant offers some of the most amazing seafood dishes that you can find in the area.

Sleeping Buffalo

If you are a meat fan and are looking to taste the gamey dishes of the region then Sleeping Buffalo is a perfect place to do so. Their Short ribs on Risotto is famous throughout the Banff park region. The restaurant also contains a world-class pub where you can enjoy world famous local and international brews of wine and beer.

In addition to these fine dining establishments, you can also enjoy dining at simple looking Post hotel or at one of the many restaurants at Samson mall to save a bit of money without being deprived of the local tastes. Most of the hotels and lodges located at the Lake Louise and Banff Park also provide lunch and dinner option to their guests. The area is extremely rich in terms of the culinary taste, which creates a collage to dishes that would leave your taste buds tingling.