Lake Louise, Canada

Upon first arrival, you would be greeted with the stark wildness of the Alpine mountains. These sentinels of Lake Louise are almost always covered with the blanket of snow. The Lake is located in a completely Isolated that has helped this place in preserving its wilderness.

In addition to providing a great awareness of nature, Lake Louise also packs the basic comforts of Human society. A small picturesque town is also located at the base of the mountain, where you would be able to get all the necessities.

The Jade Green Lake Louise surrounded by striking rock formations, meadows and wildlife provide you with a perfect excuse to get in the touch with your wild side. There are tons of things that you can do while visiting Lake Louise in Banff Park.

Nature Drives/ Hikes

One of the unique things about Lake Louise is that it’s surrounded by the charms of nature from all side. You can enjoy some of the most beautiful drives in the entire world at Lake Louise. If you head north you can enjoy the magnificence of Columbia Icefields that span over an area of 325KM.

While in the west you come across the highest natural ridge in Canada that create a natural border between Canada and British Columbia. The east holds the real Gems of Lake Louise and Banff Park. 60KM east of the Lake you can enjoy amazing drives along Highway 1 and Highway 1A, where you can enjoy seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Sight Seeing

Lake Louise has some of the most picturesque sights for you to enjoy. The main attract at Lake Louise are Glacial mountains and the vibrantly colored water of the Lake. In the summers, you can enjoy canoeing on the Crystal clear water of Lake Louise while in the winters you can Ice skating and Ice carving competitions held at the Lake Louise. In addition to these adventure sports, you can also enjoy peaceful hikes on the several trails spread across the area.


Kingmik Dogsled Tour

Considered to be the oldest dog sled tour in the west, the tour covers the entire mountainside of Saint Piran. You can enjoy the yapping of Alaskan Huskies as they eat the tundra with their strong pace. The tour would transform you into an adventurer hunting for the amazing sites that Lake Louise has to offer.

Sleigh Rides

Drawn by the horse carriages, you can enjoy a peaceful trot from the Chateau Lake Louise to enjoy the scenic locations around Lake Louise. It is one of the many ways to go around Lake Louse in order to experience its natural beauty.