Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands provide a safe and simple chance to enjoy a great holiday, but this place is not for people who don’t like to spend. The Islands have very little good bargains and most of the activities, accommodation and culinary experiences are very expensive. But if you are not afraid to dig deep in your coffers then Cayman Island is a perfect destination to have the most memorable time of your life.

When to Travel

Most travelers come to the Cayman Islands in between December and April when the northern regions have worst cold weather and the Cayman Islands are sunny and shiny. It is also the busiest tourism season on Cayman Island. Everything is more expensive. If you are planning to travel in this season then you to have to make reservations at least 3 months in advance because the hotels and flights become heavily booked.

After April, the Tourism becomes extremely slow on the Cayman Islands. If you are seeking to have quite and relaxing time at the Cayman Islands then this is perhaps the best time to go. The hotels and Airline fares also drop significantly. The water In Cayman Islands is at its calmest unless it is being disturbed by the Tropical Storms.

Packing Tips

The Cayman Islands have a very relaxed and festive atmosphere. The temperature in the Cayman Islands is also very pleasant during the tourism season with the exception of a few rainy days. You should pack a few shirts, tank tops and good shoes for walking. Most of the people visiting the Cayman Islands live in Condos or resorts that usually provide a washing machine amongst other amenities. This should enable you to take fewer items of clothing.

Women should pack some sundresses and casual items of clothing. Sunglasses and sunscreen should not be forgotten either. Your trip to the Cayman Islands does not require you to carry too many clothes and personal Items, therefore you should keep your luggage to the minimal.