Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are constituted amongst the overseas British territory. You can arrive at your dream location through an Airplane. Cayman Islands have complete travelling solution for all travelers hailing from all parts of the world. The islands have a strong transportation system, tour buses and other means of transportation. Cayman Islands also have a very active flight schedule that makes it easy for the travelers to Arrive at these heavenly Islands.

Arrival and Inter-Island Travel

Cayman Islands are situated at 480 Miles of Miami and 180 Miles of Jamaica. You can take any one of the 55 flights that arrive daily at Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac islands. It takes only 70 minutes through flight to arrive at the Grand Cayman Island. You can easily find a flight through Cayman Airlines and American Airlines to arrive at this amazing Island for your vacations.

Inter-Island Travel is also very easy and comfortable. The flight operation at the Islands is handled by Cayman Airways and Cayman Express. Using the Cayman Airways you can arrive at Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Cayman Express also carries 4 flights daily through the Cayman Islands from Grand Cayman.

The Information Booth at the Miami Airport and Grand Cayman also provide travel packages for visitors who have not planned their visit in advance. These packages tend to be a lot expensive than the general flights that operate and to and from the Islands.

Local Transportation

You can find Taxis, Car rentals, limousine and Bus services on all the Cayman Islands. Buses are the best and the least costly method of travel on the Islands. But if you are looking for luxury, comfort and hassle free travel then you can also choose Taxi, Private cars or Limousine services.

Travel requirements

Most of the people travelling from different nationalities would require to have a valid Passport and visa to enter the Cayman Islands. The Canadian citizens are not required to have a Passport to enter the Cayman Islands but need to provide the following documents.

1) Immigration Card (For All nationalities except Canada)

2) Proof of Identification with a raised seal and photo Identification (Driver’s license, etc)

3) Custom Declaration Card