Wiener Deewan is a place very popular with locals and students and it is hard to say that you can find a cheaper place in Vienna to eat, unless it is for free. The catch about this place it is a buffet restaurant where you can eat as much as you want, but also pay as much as you want. Sounds incredible, but it is true. They serve Pakistani cuisine, dishes they make are delicious and you can find them easily; they are located next to the Votiv Church.

Das Augustine is a restaurant that is part of Viennese tradition since it opened over 40 years ago. It was popular at the time, and still is today, especially since the renovation and changing it to a modern restaurant. However, it still preserved its old charm with its famous summer terrace. This place is great because they serve both traditional Austrian dishes, but also burgers, curries and pastas. They have reasonable prices, especially taking into consideration their delicious meals.

Kent is a Turkish restaurant that serves some of the best Turkish food in Vienna. It is actually a chain of 3 restaurants, you you can encounter them in different parts of the city – you don’t have to go back to the same neighborhood all the time if you want to eat there. It is a big restaurant that has a large garden with a fountain, they play nice and relaxing music and serve most delicious dishes from Turkish cuisine.

Gu is a Chinese restaurant with friendly staff and tasty food. It is a small place, but not to crowded so there is always a table left to sit. The food here is fantastic, probably the best Chinese food that you can find in Vienna. Also, it is great that they serve bot vegan and meal dishes, so everyone can find something for themselves. Prices are acceptable and food is delicious.

Gmoakeller is another traditional restaurant that serves local food and Austrian specialties, but it is a bit more expensive than Das Augustine. The restaurant is big and always crowded, so you might have to be a bit patient when it comes to the service, but it is worth it because the food is extraordinary.

Noosh is a new place in the city and the only restaurant that serves Afghan food. It is very popular by both locals and tourists, especially those who prefer these exotic tastes that they offer. The atmosphere is also very nice and modern, but with a touch of the Afghan culture, colorful and cozy – a great place to eat.

All of these places are some of the best affordable restaurants in the city and you will not regret having a meal or two there. It is a diverse list of restaurants with something for everyone.