This mixture creates a unique and exciting set of customs. Below we share some of the most common customs of the country that you should be aware of before deciding to visit Thailand.


The common greeting in Thailand is called Wai, where the person presses both his palms together at chest level and slightly bows the head. The greeting is very similar to the “Namaste” used in the Indian culture.

Respect to the Monarchy

The country possesses a constitutional monarchy. The royal family is much respected in the country and it is absolutely necessary to show reverence to the king. The images of the king can be seen at almost all places in the country.

Colored Days

As per traditional Buddhist philosophy, each day is associated with a color. Therefore, you may experience a lot of people wearing the yellow color on Monday celebrating the birth of the king.


The country is very tolerant about different communities, languages, and sexual preferences. The official motto of the country is “never mind”. This tolerant mindset enables the travelers to enjoy a lot of different activities in the country without any fear.