The country has the ability to cater a diverse group of people. If you are seeking a cheap holiday you can live at hotels at the rate of $3 USD per night or $1000 USD resort. The food can be found at few pennies at the numerous food stalls scattered across the streets of Thailand or enjoy gourmet dinner in 7 stars hotels for thousands of dollars.

The local currency is called Thai Baht that is easily tradeable in the international markets. Thailand is an inexpensive country and a great place for the individuals seeking to have a great time on a limited budget. The country has a very pleasant weather during the cool season (Nov – Feb).

If you looking to have a moderate holiday then you may need to spend between 40 to 50 USD per day. The transport and the hotels in the country are very cheap. If you have a lot of time and can travel by the trains and buses then it could save you thousands of dollars, but if you are on a tight timeline then airfare would form to be the bulk of your expense.

If you are looking to have a great time in the country the budget of about $50 to $60 is more than enough to enjoy all the comforts offered by this amazing country. An average trip of about 1 week in the country should not cost more than 1500 to 2000 USD.