Kamalame Cay prides itself in providing the guests with a luxurious and relaxing vacation that they cannot enjoy at any other place. Kamalme cay houses only 60 guests at any given time, so you do not have to worry about packed accommodation or poor living facilities. The island provides the visitors with several different luxurious accommodation options.

The Resort

The resort provides the visitors with the option of 19 Seaside rooms, beach houses, bungalows and cottages nestled privately on the beach. All the rooms in the resort are decorated to provide you with an open, luxurious and private feel. The resort is divided in different sections to provide the visitors with luxurious living facility.

Marina Rooms: Marina rooms are affordable, beautifully decorated and spacious rooms that you can enjoy. The prices for the rooms starts at $250 per night. All the rooms in this category have wooden floors, house pools and communal areas where you can relax, engage in conversation or enjoy the charms of the island.

Beach Rooms: These 500 Sq. Ft rooms are fronted with the beautiful beach, where you would be greeted by the sun every morning. Amazingly decorated and providing the guests with all the facilities that they can think of. The rates for these rooms begin at $500 per night.

Beach Suites: Spread over 700 Sq. Ft. and located in the heart of the island these rooms provide an amazing view of the beach. Beach suites can easily accommodate 3 guests and have their own private bar, hot spa, and soaking tub where the guests can relax and have a beautiful day.