Kamalame Cay is a private island that is considered to be the best travel destination for couples and family alike who wish to spend some quality time together. When it comes to the best time to travel the Island has a pleasant weather throughout the year and can be travelled to at any time of the year. The visitors can enjoy the amazing sun at the island throughout the year. Although Months from April to July tend to experience a bit of rainy season as well. But it’s not something due to which you should postpone your trip.

Other Tips of Travel

  • Kamalame is a privately owned island and can only be travelled to using a private transportation from the island, therefore you should book and plan your trip in advance to ensure that you do not run into any trouble on the travel day.
  • Prepare yourself to pay huge sums of money, because the Kamalame cay is a famous but costly travel destination. The accommodation, dining and all the activities on the island can be very expensive.
  • Kamalame cay has a pleasant warm weather throughout the year, therefore you should pack your clothes accordingly. Casual shirts with shorts and khakis are perfect for men. While sleeveless dress and comfortable tops are ideal for the females.
  • When it comes to dining ensure that all the food presented to you is perfectly cooked, because eating raw seafood can be extremely dangerous.
  • Always apply sunscreen when going out on the beach to ensure that you do not get sunburned.
  • It is also important to keep digital copies of all your important documents on yourself.
  • If you wish to save some money on the trip then booking the tour in advance can be very helpful.