Located on a private location, Kamalame Cay is a private island that can only be accessed by using the Island’s own ferry, helicopter or seaplane. The island is located at the picturesque and pleasant location of a coast near Andros Island in the Bahamas.

Most of the guests that arrive at Kamalame Island do so from the Andros Island Airport. The Andros Airport is located one hour flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Upon arrival at Andros Island Airport, you can arrive at Kamalame Island using a 20-minute drive or a 5-minute private ferry ride.

The visitors can also take a plane from Fort Lauderdale. A charter plane can be taken from the airport which then goes through Bimini to finally land at Kamalame Cay. The visitors can take this plane from Miami as well. The entire trip takes about 1 hours from Miami. The price for the entire trip ranges from $6000 to $8000.

If you wish to travel through Andros from Fort Lauderdale then you can take one of the several flights that make the daily trip from Andros to Kamalame bay. The trip takes about 60 to 80 minutes. The visitors can also take a plane from Nassau for a small trip that takes about 15-20 minutes.

On the island the visitors can take several private vans and cars to travel throughout the island, most of the island is accessible by foot and does not require any kind of transportation. The visitors can also use Kayaks, boats and water scooters to enjoy the waters as Kamalame.