Kamalme cay is a private island, spread over 96 acres. The Island is famous for its gleaming water, powdery sand and starry skies. The island provides a perfect gateway for relaxing, refueling and spending time with family and loved ones. Some of the popular activities that you can engage in are as follows.


The Island has a stunning beach spread over 3 miles that provides you with ample space to have a quiet and peaceful stroll or just relax under the beautiful sun of Kamalame Island. The Island only takes 60 visitors at any given time therefore the residents would have a peaceful and quiet time on the beach. If you wish to relax and enjoy swimming in the water, or go for snorkeling then you would have the entire beach to yourself. It is difficult to capture the tranquility and peace of the Kamalame cay in mere words.

In day you can enjoy Kayaking, boating, snorkeling or simply lounging in the hammocks under the coconut trees, while at night the beach shrouds a starry blanket and becomes an entrancing location for a romantic walk or a simple and peaceful evening.


Spa at Kamalame cay provide the world renowned massages and provide you with a relaxing evening for yourself. The experienced teams at Kamalame cay are guaranteed to provide you with quality and relaxing evening that you would not be able to forget. The spas are location in an open and stunning area so you can be as close to the nature as possible.

Water Sports

When it comes to the watersports you would have the entire Island at your disposal, either you wish to relax on a quiet fishing trip or wish to experience the beauty of the Kamalame waters by diving you can do it all.