Baia do Sancho Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

When it comes to accommodation the area has over 70 inns that can be rented for the night. All the inns are created with Bed and Breakfast theme. The quality of each inn is indicated by the number of the dolphins. The idea is similar to starred restaurants. The inns in the area are called Pousadas and are available at very cheap rates. Most of the restaurants and inns in the area, don’t have many facilities and are intended to be used as one-night sleeping spots. If you are looking to spend the vacation in a luxurious hotel, then you would need to book a hotel a bit farther from Fernando de Noronha.

The prices in these inns range from about 90 to 190 USD per night. All the inns get filled up very quickly in the peak times, therefore it is always a good idea to book the accommodation in advance. Nearly all the inns views have spectacular views of Fernando de Noronha beaches, some inns also provide the visitors with terraces for relaxing as well as interacting with other visitors. All the accommodation options in the area have a very homely feel to them. Each inn tends to host a few dozen visitors depending on its rating and the time of the year. The hotels also provide users with paid tours and other activities. Some of the notable hotels in the area include Pousada da Maga, Chale do Sossego and Dolphin hotel.