Baia do Sancho Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha has received a lot of attention in the recent years. The tourism in the area has increased very substantially. In order to facilitate thousands of visitors from all around the world, the local government has provided the visitors with several different travel options.


There are several flights that operate between Recife, Natal and Fernando de Noronha. The visitors can also book charters using different travel agencies operating in the area. If you wish to save money then it is recommended to book your own flights from Recife or Natal, which are located very close to Fernando de Noronha.

During the peak times of tourism, several tour operators also manage cruise ships from Natal and Recife to Fernando de Noronha. The cruise ships usually take about 4-6 days to arrive at the destination but provide a great way for the visitors to get familiar with the local climate, people and sights.

Travelling on islands

Fernando de Noronha is a collection of 21 different islands. Out of these only one is inhabited rest require special modes of transportation and permission from the local authorities in order to travel. The islands are connected by a single main road. Visitors can use buses or rent cars of motorbikes in order to travel on different islands.

The buses fare are very cheap and the cars can be rented for a price of $35 per day depending on the amount of travelling that you plan to do. Some of the islands are very isolated and cannot be reached with special transportation, while the main islands such as Sancho bay and Pig bay are fairly easy to reach with the help of buses and roads. Many travelers also choose to hitchhike with locals or taxi drivers if they are going in the same direction.