Baia do Sancho Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Due to the increasing popularity of Fernando de Noronha several restaurants have been opened in the area. These restaurants serve a range of different local and international cuisines. Most of the cuisines in the region are simple but very delicious. Fast food is the most comfortable and famous option for most of the diners.

Sea Food

The restaurants in the area are famous for serving fresh and delicious foods. Ekologiku is the best place to enjoy fresh seafood. The restaurant only serves freshly caught seafood. The diners are also given the option to inspect the catch before it is prepared for their consumption. Sinfonia Ekologiku is a famous spicy fish stew that is considered to be the specialty in the region.

Regional Foods

The local food contains a variety of dishes made out of different fishes, beans and rice. The locals love to pair freshly caught sea bass with rice and beans. Most of the fish dishes are prepared in coconut milk and have a unique fresh fragrance to them.

Meat dishes comprise Pasoca a type of grounded beef that is prepared with heavy spices. One of the most famous local sweet dish is prepared with curd cheese and honey that is guaranteed to set your mouth watering with anticipation.