Baia do Sancho Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is located in Brazil. It is famous for its amazing beaches and unique topography. Every year thousands of visitors from around the world visit Fernando de Noronha. It has also been declared world heritage site by UNESCO. When it comes to activities Fernando de Noronha is a place that would give you a plenty to do, experience and share.


Fernando de Noronha has been blessed with amazing sights and beaches that are guaranteed to provide you with an unforgettable experience. The area is very rich in ocean-life and has a unique topography that make it one of the most of beautiful beaches in the world.

Sancho Bay

Sancho Bay and Pig Bay are located side by side. You can enjoy beautiful sunsets of Brazil from this heavenly beach. The area has a naturally alleviated ridge that provides a stunning view of the entire Sancho and Pig bay. Thousands of people gather every day to witness the passage of sun in the murky waters of Fernando de Noronha. In addition to the sunset the dates of Full-moon are considered to be great for walking along the beach as well, where you can enjoy the mystical cast of moonlight over the rocky hills spread around the area.

Dolphins and Turtles

Fernando de Noronha is also famous for its rich sea life. The visitors can enjoy seeing dolphins at Dolphin bay site. Guided tours are also available for dolphin watching. Sueste Bay is considered to be ideal for turtle watching. Every year hundreds of turtle gather on the beach to lay eggs. This phenomenon is something that would leave you amazed at the beauty and resilience of nature.

Things to Do

Fernando de Noronha has two of the most famous beaches in Brazil – Praia do Leao and Sancho. Both beaches are famous for their turquoise water, powdery sand, and bright sun. You can also enjoy snorkeling and swimming at the dedicated areas on both of these beaches. It is highly recommended to carry your own provision to the beach because the shaded spaces at the beach get filled up very quickly.

Boat and Buggy Tours

You can also enjoy the boat and buggy tours offered by different tourism agencies in the area. The boating tour cover the entire area and is a great way to experience the beauty and charm of Fernando de Noronha.

Diving and snorkeling

Fernando de Noronha prides itself in holding one of the most diverse ecosystems in the region. The water has an amazing visibility of 50 meters that is considered ideal for divers. You can experience 100 different types of fishes and five very rare types of sharks along with dolphins and turtles. Snorkeling is allowed in the area, but you need to register yourself with the local official, the spots are usually very limited because only 100 people are allowed to snorkel per day.